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Vanguard Book Two Pack


Image of Vanguard Book Two Pack

It's a Brit-Based superhero comic by Dan Butcher

'In the near future, a small team of genetically engineered meta-humans defend our country's interests at home and abroad…They are the Vanguard.'

Example pages can be found at VanguardComic.com

Vanguard Book Two Pack includes:
* A signed 160 page, high quality print, trade paperback of the four issues in the first arc of the comic VANGUARD.

* A signed A4 glossy print of the front cover by artist DIZEVEZ

* A signed 16 page A5 2017 sketchbook filled with various comic book illustration work.

* An original piece of artwork from the VANGUARD comic. Obviously this will differ from pack to pack, as each piece is a one-off.

* Two x 35mm badges, one of PENDRAGON and one of THE WOLFSHEAD

If you want me to sign your name or have a special message written in the book, please indicate upon ordering. Likewise on the sketchbook/print/artwork.